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Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Assalamualaikum to all my friends

Before I join English workshop on 14th-16th November 2011 (3 days), I imagine that it will be like other English classes in the school. It was bored, the teacher just spoke alone and I am the one who is trying to not participate every activity in that class.

But I am totally wrong! The reality in this workshop, I was one of the participant who have join every activities in the class. Besides I eager to answer the questions excitedly just like the others.

Honestly, from deep in my heart, after 3 days in the workshop, I have fallen in LOVE with English. Unfortunately the workshop is over. I believe that I and all the participants will learn English more after this by our own.

We enjoy at the end of this class. Our confidence level was increased due we gain our knowledge about accurate pronunciation, grammar and sentence construction and vocabulary building. One new thing that we have learned is IPA symbols in the dictionary that very helpful to us to pronounce correctly in the future.

Before this, I was not confidence to join any English discussion even though I have many things to talk about. I choose to keep quite during meeting at work and with clients. It was because I ashamed with my English.

Now I encouraged to move up one step ahead by doing  read English books, English newspapers, English magazines, watching English movies and sing English songs.

I highly encourage government officer to join such as this English workshop for the next time by regardless any levels.

Thank you to JKR to held this workshop and thanks a lot to our lovely and friendly trainer

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olive said...

Hi Nisa,

I've always believed that the best form of writing is one that comes from the heart...perfect grammar and sentence structure is not everything.

I sensed your enthusiasm and genuine interest right from the start in class. That was why I chose you as speaker for the course. Thanks for being gracious enough to accept the task at the last hour.

So continue writing and let me know whenever you need assistance any time!

Cheers & lots of love,
Zaiton Kassim