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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


^Personal Success
^Good Behavior
^Responsible Person
^Archive Goals & Target
^High Moral Values
^High Confidence

^At Work
^In Leadership
^Time Management 
^Problem solving

^Happy in Life
^Physically Active
^Healthy Marriage
^Quality Families
^Good relationship

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Huh.. enough . Take 5 first. 
feel so exhausted because i need to finish my design by dateline.
Need to submit all the proposal drawings by next week.

>>Take a break
and right now i am thinking about my home n living...

Wait a minute, <<
i got an idea about my dry kitchen!
my working space in dry kitchen is very limited 

i need to do cutting n washing at the same place, 
normally ,i Just put a cutting board on top of sink.

so, i think, i need a multipurpose table that can be use as working table
for various work. I found a few ideas about how good if we have a
multipurpose table in our dry kitchen;-


what do you think?
it will be a very helpful tool in the kitchen, right?


(Not his real name)
with his blog;
Erti Kehidupan
Who knows ??? after a few years.... 
i found my little boy neighbor 
turned up as a glamor adult..
through his blog life :)
Not just an adult 
but also as a responsible adult,
He already be a husband for his wife,
Will be a father to his children 
( her wife is pregnant right now)
Have a job and join the community
And i can see a bundle of effort on him in
updating his knowledge about life, current issues, artist
and so on. He knew ....and he has met a lot of artist 
Maybe after this he will talk more about
religious, and advise all friends to follow
Rasullullah behavior in daily life
Start from that, i believe, he also will love to learn more about it
because when we tell one thing to the others,
we will get another 10 new things to upgrade our life

that is way i love to name my blog
Sharing everything...
and i hope one day everybody love to share anything 
with nuanisa
After bonded together,
nuanisa do everything together
we learned from experiences 
and they teach us a lot about life 
start from involved in photography's world
then love to make photo books
then after surrended 2 days in beijing,china,
we love to travel more frequent without feel fear,
our next destination is San Francisco.
To practice what we have learned,
we buy a wonderful house and decorate it
with a minimum budget and do it ourselves but successful 
until one of Malaysian Magazine, IMPIANA come to visit
our home and our home n living has been published inside our favorite magazine.
after getting birth for our 2nd child,
we start thinking to be more cheerful and attractive
to help our children be such as a proactive and happy kids,
so the women(nisa) went to a training about health n beauty,
then fallen in love with Mary Kay till be a seniour beauty consultant
and got reward and a miracle happen
While the men(nua) found Prudential and now
successful and be one of the favorite agent among friends, relatives and strangers
till has been rewarded star club holiday award to san francisco.
How beautiful..and then we realize the miracles is not just happen itself
because after all..no pain no gain.. 

Monday, November 28, 2011




Today I would like to start a new column in my blog: 
"about upgrade spaces"
I got an idea about sharing my design opinion in creating nice spaces at home n living 
for others people after read my friend's blog : Mrs.ainul

 I can see her effort in decorating her home. 
Here I would like to share my ideas 
about one of the areas in her house: a space below staircase
as picture below;
she try to utilize the space by making a watch area at the space. Actually this space
is a very unique space. Sometimes we need to tune back problems become opportunity or advantage.
She is lucky ,because she can play with a few kind of design then mine. My staircase was already
concealed with a break wall and  a store have been done by developer as picture below.

so for those peoples who have home like mine, ( enclosed store provided below staircase) ,i also will discuss about how to utilize the storage room like that in this post. First of all, let start with the idea about open space below staircase


 we can create a few levels of close drawers with a few compartments to be organizer for albums, books or anything else. And its also can be part of feature element in house. Its look nice and clean. but make sure you use an attractive surface and elements. If you done it with bad materials, it will be a bad part in your house. So choose the right materials.

or maybe you can play with a few types of racks which is some of them are close and the others are open or naked. So you can display your house accessories or your collection items.


You also can try to do something different by built a series of roller storage (genius organizer) with a various sizes and after push back to the wall, it look like a series of drawers.


It is also nice if you want to create this space to be a study space or libraries with book racks if you have many books to organize ( bookworm ) . You also can include a table and chair with a few drawers as your  reading table or workstation. 


If you have some precious items to appreciate or to display, it will be very nice if you can do a glass built in cabinet which attach to the below staircase.


If you really want to make this area as your watch area, it will be perfect with a built in tv cabinet. 
You also can play with lighting effect and create a few holes for display vase or your favorite personal collection to be appreciate by your guest.

For those people who have store room which is enclosed, its not good if you make it as your 
"store". I mean, normally peoples just trow all their unused goods into this store room . Or packing unused items into boxes and keep the boxes at this store room until the room is full and crowded. Actually, when you identify anything that you never touch for about 6 month, you already can let go all of them. and turn your store room to be like pictures below:

U can change your store room to be an organizer room by doing small walk-in wardrobe and organize racks and put baskets with label for all types of goods such as cloths, shoes, caps/hats, tools, toiletries, and etc. You also can provide iron board in this small room. So you can iron your cloth and hang it. Its easy to organize your daily needs here. Change your 'store room' (passive) to become activities room (active). no more store with unnecessary things inside your house.

or maybe you can make store room as your storage for your dry goods or groceries. Make some racks and keep everything organize with basket or shelves. Avoid to put anything at the floor .

So am i open your mind? or give points for you to start thinking more creative after this?
Hope i already help a lot of my friends out there.
Feel free to ask me if you have dilemma in creating a space at home.
email to nuanisa@gmail.com or just leave your comment at this post. tq :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011


kawan2 dan sedara mara ku sekalian...oleh kerana ramai yang bertanya dan masing2 duduk jauh, masih belum sempat nak berjumpa...ini nuanisa ada letak gambar pamphlet berkenaan insurans plan Prudential Bsn Takaful di mana 3 dalam 1.

Maksudnya, contoh: 
Bayar sebulan RM200 = dapat manfaat perlindungan + manfaat hospital + simpanan
Setiap orang berlainan kerana ia berdasarkan faktor umur, tahap kesihatan, komitmen, work loading dan macam2 lagi

Bila masa sesuai nak buat? SEKARANG..sebab tahun depan inflasi meningkat, kos perubatan meningkat dan segala kos meningkat , maka insurans juga akan meningkat harga premiumnya... nak tak nak nak kene ada juga...terutamanya MEDICAL CARD (card perubatan )tu...

Apa beza menyimpan di Bank, di ASB dan INSURANS? cuba tengok :-

ok nak buat senang aje:
yang mana rase nak tanye macam2 lagi.. : set appointment..email nuanisa bg tau nak jumpa kat mane n bile?

yang rase jauh atau tak tau bila bole jumpe tapi nak buat segera sebelum menjelang tahun baru: scan ic email kat nuanisa . nuanisa buatkan draft n email semula pada anda. kalau ok..kita go tu the next step!

ape-ape hal email : nuanisa@gmail.com atau facebook cari nama : Nisa Nua

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Assalamualaikum to all my friends

Before I join English workshop on 14th-16th November 2011 (3 days), I imagine that it will be like other English classes in the school. It was bored, the teacher just spoke alone and I am the one who is trying to not participate every activity in that class.

But I am totally wrong! The reality in this workshop, I was one of the participant who have join every activities in the class. Besides I eager to answer the questions excitedly just like the others.

Honestly, from deep in my heart, after 3 days in the workshop, I have fallen in LOVE with English. Unfortunately the workshop is over. I believe that I and all the participants will learn English more after this by our own.

We enjoy at the end of this class. Our confidence level was increased due we gain our knowledge about accurate pronunciation, grammar and sentence construction and vocabulary building. One new thing that we have learned is IPA symbols in the dictionary that very helpful to us to pronounce correctly in the future.

Before this, I was not confidence to join any English discussion even though I have many things to talk about. I choose to keep quite during meeting at work and with clients. It was because I ashamed with my English.

Now I encouraged to move up one step ahead by doing  read English books, English newspapers, English magazines, watching English movies and sing English songs.

I highly encourage government officer to join such as this English workshop for the next time by regardless any levels.

Thank you to JKR to held this workshop and thanks a lot to our lovely and friendly trainer

Friday, November 11, 2011


rezeki bertambah lagi 
hari ni hati senang dan gumbira
tambah-tambah lagi semalam dapat sekotak hadiahyang dihantar oleh en.postman di hadapan rumah.
balik ofis je tengok ada hadiah sampai...nak tahu apa dia...jeng jeng jeng..hehehehe...akan dikhabarkan pada post yang akan datang....

Hati yang gembira ni nak di share dengan semua orang...marilah kita relax sebentar, menikmati kebahagian dan kedamaian....cuba tengok gambar diatas...itu adalah Aisyah yang sangat polos dan suci...belum tercemar dan terpengaruh...anak kecil yang mempunyai jiwa yang suci...masyaallah...tengok pula pada alam sekeliling..begitu indah dan mendamaikan....

Marilah kita berkongsi kedamaian dan ketenangan hati dengan mengupload gambar2 kedamaian dan ketenangan untuk dinikmati bersama-sama. Oleh itu di sini NUANISA ingin mengumumkan 
telah dibuka kepada semua yang berminat.....

1) buatkan satu entry tuk post kan gambar kedamaian anda yang terbaik!
beserta Tagline, seperti gambar di atas, tagline: "jiwa suci setenang alam"

2) mcm biasa paste kan banner contest di atas di side bar blog anda
dan link kan semula ke blog ini

3) jgn lupa letakkan link entry anda di ruang komen post ini...nuanisa akan datang jejak anda di blog dan akan tinggalkan perkataan "COMFIRM!" di ruang komen di post anda tersebut.

4) Contest berlangsung selama 11 hari - (1 nov 2011 hingga 11 nov 2011)

Hadiah untuk pemenang utama adalah :

yang bernilai RM95
 dapat apa dalam set ni?
1) Relaxing Foot Soak
2) Energizing foot scrub
3) Soothing Foot balm
4) Pedicure Brush/pumice stone
5) handy gift bag
siap ada manual cara nak buat spa kaki / pedicure treatment....sangat mendamaikan..
tuk seissi keluarga...

pemenang akan diumumkan pada 12 Nov 2011