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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


(Not his real name)
with his blog;
Erti Kehidupan
Who knows ??? after a few years.... 
i found my little boy neighbor 
turned up as a glamor adult..
through his blog life :)
Not just an adult 
but also as a responsible adult,
He already be a husband for his wife,
Will be a father to his children 
( her wife is pregnant right now)
Have a job and join the community
And i can see a bundle of effort on him in
updating his knowledge about life, current issues, artist
and so on. He knew ....and he has met a lot of artist 
Maybe after this he will talk more about
religious, and advise all friends to follow
Rasullullah behavior in daily life
Start from that, i believe, he also will love to learn more about it
because when we tell one thing to the others,
we will get another 10 new things to upgrade our life

that is way i love to name my blog
Sharing everything...
and i hope one day everybody love to share anything 
with nuanisa
After bonded together,
nuanisa do everything together
we learned from experiences 
and they teach us a lot about life 
start from involved in photography's world
then love to make photo books
then after surrended 2 days in beijing,china,
we love to travel more frequent without feel fear,
our next destination is San Francisco.
To practice what we have learned,
we buy a wonderful house and decorate it
with a minimum budget and do it ourselves but successful 
until one of Malaysian Magazine, IMPIANA come to visit
our home and our home n living has been published inside our favorite magazine.
after getting birth for our 2nd child,
we start thinking to be more cheerful and attractive
to help our children be such as a proactive and happy kids,
so the women(nisa) went to a training about health n beauty,
then fallen in love with Mary Kay till be a seniour beauty consultant
and got reward and a miracle happen
While the men(nua) found Prudential and now
successful and be one of the favorite agent among friends, relatives and strangers
till has been rewarded star club holiday award to san francisco.
How beautiful..and then we realize the miracles is not just happen itself
because after all..no pain no gain.. 

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