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Monday, November 28, 2011




Today I would like to start a new column in my blog: 
"about upgrade spaces"
I got an idea about sharing my design opinion in creating nice spaces at home n living 
for others people after read my friend's blog : Mrs.ainul

 I can see her effort in decorating her home. 
Here I would like to share my ideas 
about one of the areas in her house: a space below staircase
as picture below;
she try to utilize the space by making a watch area at the space. Actually this space
is a very unique space. Sometimes we need to tune back problems become opportunity or advantage.
She is lucky ,because she can play with a few kind of design then mine. My staircase was already
concealed with a break wall and  a store have been done by developer as picture below.

so for those peoples who have home like mine, ( enclosed store provided below staircase) ,i also will discuss about how to utilize the storage room like that in this post. First of all, let start with the idea about open space below staircase


 we can create a few levels of close drawers with a few compartments to be organizer for albums, books or anything else. And its also can be part of feature element in house. Its look nice and clean. but make sure you use an attractive surface and elements. If you done it with bad materials, it will be a bad part in your house. So choose the right materials.

or maybe you can play with a few types of racks which is some of them are close and the others are open or naked. So you can display your house accessories or your collection items.


You also can try to do something different by built a series of roller storage (genius organizer) with a various sizes and after push back to the wall, it look like a series of drawers.


It is also nice if you want to create this space to be a study space or libraries with book racks if you have many books to organize ( bookworm ) . You also can include a table and chair with a few drawers as your  reading table or workstation. 


If you have some precious items to appreciate or to display, it will be very nice if you can do a glass built in cabinet which attach to the below staircase.


If you really want to make this area as your watch area, it will be perfect with a built in tv cabinet. 
You also can play with lighting effect and create a few holes for display vase or your favorite personal collection to be appreciate by your guest.

For those people who have store room which is enclosed, its not good if you make it as your 
"store". I mean, normally peoples just trow all their unused goods into this store room . Or packing unused items into boxes and keep the boxes at this store room until the room is full and crowded. Actually, when you identify anything that you never touch for about 6 month, you already can let go all of them. and turn your store room to be like pictures below:

U can change your store room to be an organizer room by doing small walk-in wardrobe and organize racks and put baskets with label for all types of goods such as cloths, shoes, caps/hats, tools, toiletries, and etc. You also can provide iron board in this small room. So you can iron your cloth and hang it. Its easy to organize your daily needs here. Change your 'store room' (passive) to become activities room (active). no more store with unnecessary things inside your house.

or maybe you can make store room as your storage for your dry goods or groceries. Make some racks and keep everything organize with basket or shelves. Avoid to put anything at the floor .

So am i open your mind? or give points for you to start thinking more creative after this?
Hope i already help a lot of my friends out there.
Feel free to ask me if you have dilemma in creating a space at home.
email to nuanisa@gmail.com or just leave your comment at this post. tq :)

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