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Monday, July 25, 2011


Just to let you know...this is such one of my favorite jobs and hobbies je tau...
so i tak charge people mcm business price. Me n my husband just hepi to
decorate others people's house. 
click here to see our design on modern terrace house with the minimum budget

so what we do are:
1. visit the house
2. list the item , area n concept the owners want (discuss together)
3. do some sketches n proposal (layout n type of furniture n also decoration)
4. either buy furniture together or let us choose n buy it for you ( we know where to get best furniture with the best price n quality- at a few shops )
5. Then we will paint (if necessary) or do some wall decor
6. Then arrange the furniture ( maybe some old furniture can be use again)

Sometimes the price will be very cheap n sometimes quite high...

Basically this can be your preferences for decor double story house with modern decoration
Living Hall + Dining Hall = below RM7k
Kitchen (built in)=below RM6k
Master bedrooms =below RM2k
3 bedrooms =below RM500 x 3 = RM1.5k
Toilets n others area accessories = RM500

so its about=less or more than RM17 k

everything is done with furniture, decoration, arrangement, and design concept..
till there...
if you really lost idea, but no budget to appoint Interior Designer, just email nuanisa to help you and we will share our knowledge about well decor with luvly heart :) : nuanisa@gmail.com

before that, feel free to scroll down your mouse to see a few interior pictures  i get from everywhere :)

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